Why Web 2.0, Open Source and Open Content Matter so Much
Three Internet driven cultural shifts that will have profound impacts on education
· How we find, create, and consume information
· How we get things done
· How we connect with others

Three broad solutions

· To provide ubiquitous computing, we must start using Linux
· We must start teaching collaborative tools, including Web 2.0, social networking, and open source software
· We must start providing real-world, creation-centered, authentic-audience environments for students.


· MITOpenCourseware - Massachusetts Institution of Technology that offers free online course materials.
· Creative Commons - increases sharing and improves collaboration with creative ideas worldwide.
· Apache – open source for hosting websites (70% share of servers).
· Classroom 2.0 - social network for Web 2.0 tools.
· The Future of Education - discussion community for teachers to share their ideas.
· K12OpenSource - collaborative effort of organizing open source resources.

Steve Hargadon


80s Retro Café: Technology Workshops in 60 Minutes or Less!
Teachers from Florida Virtual School did this session for engaging online learners. All of their resources can be found at their Blog

Tech Tools for Teachers on a Tight Budget!
Absolutely awesome session Andy Jeter did! So many ideas/projects can come from his stuff. Check out the resources he gave us below.

Freeware Resources
· Art Rage – paint, sketch, and draw with tools you already know how to use
· iTlac – allows you to view and control other computers on your network.
· Paint.net – image and photo editing software.
· Pivot – create stick figure animations easily in a chain of animation frames.
· Scratch – create and share your own interactive stories, games, music, and art.
· Sqirlz Morph – mixes images for a smooth flowing morph animation.
· Sqirlz Reflections – adds rippling, rain, or snow effects to images or AVI videos.
· Storytelling Alice – learning programming through 3D animated movies.
· Terragen – create visualization of landscapes and natural environments.

Tammy’s Favorite FREE Web Tools!
Absolutely awesome session! Visit Tammy's website for ton's of free resources. For the tools she showed in this session, go to Training and Handouts and then FETC2010. I can't even begin to tell you how many awesome tools are here. It is a MUST visit.

Hordes of Free Tools from a Google Certified Teacher
Another awesome session! Visit Rushton's site for free tools out the wazoo as he says. If you are interested in becoming Google certified, visit here. You may also want to sign up for Rushton's newsletter: Next Vista for Learning

Price is Right: Free Technology Tools You Can't Live Without
Resources for every area of teaching. View the PDF for all the free sites out there.

Share Tabs - You can add multiple links and then send all together as tabs.

Tricks of the Win​​dows 7 Masters
Went over the top 20 features of Windows 7. This link also has videos to other programs as well though. You can view a few for free.

You can view his presentation here.

Thinkfinity and Beyond!
Thinkfinityis an online database of ideas and lesson plans for a varity of subjects.