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Session - Virtual Learning

Ron Packard, CEO of K¹², and Curtis Johnson, co-author of Disrupting Class, they discussed how technology and online learning are extending the power of public education. Individualized learning through online courses can, and will, help districts tackle some of their toughest problems, including student achievement, graduation rates, and budget pressures.

2 speakers - Ron Packard & Curtis Johnson

Disruptive Innovation - interesting concept for change. Double shift schools are possible with 2 OL classes.

Session - Digital Copyright - Barry Starlin Britt

Copyright and uses in the classroom from a copywriters perspective. Reviewed Fair use guidelines.
Recommended Soundzaboud web site for music - subscription cost!

Session - Next Generation Hardware - Hall Davidson

Cool iris - way cool add on for firefox: Cool Iris, allows you to view all graphics on a wall.
Works with Facebook, Google images, etc.

Demonstration of new Epson Short BrightLink throw - smartboard with pen (no board needed!)

Session - Skype and ning

Skype for video congerencing, NING for class blogs

Session - Open source and Thin Client

Session Link
Open Source Links - LOTS of software
Used thin client set ups, running linux and free software

Feature Set
Support - community

Abiword - great for converting WP files in all formats. AbiWord

Scribus - Desktop publishing - Scribus

TuxPaint Tux software very easy - low level kids - - then other software - Pencil Pencil then Gimp -
Tux games and tux typing

Celestia - Explore space! Celestia,

Stellarium - shows sun, etc. Stellarium

Freemind for concept mapping. Free Mind

Jing - create tutorials - can capture video, etc. Jing

Session - Google Docs

Google docs - online storage and collaboration. Google forms can be used to create and gather survey results - in the spreadsheet function.
Google "gears" will sync with your laptop for offline work.
Lots of good YouTube video on how to use.

Session - Pepperdyne

Pepperdyne - Adaptive Expertise, Learning Circles Learning Circles. Action Research link - Action Research Wiki

Session - Cell Phone uses in the classroom

Cell Phones
Broadtexter - allows messages to multiple phones, useful for students.

Session - Hall Davidson - Video and Picture editing

Hall Davidson - Really cool Germ Video
Use Quicktime PRO for video editing. Jing for capture, Kitzo for video.