Hello from Jenna!!! I am so pumped to attend my first FETC in Orlando. You can find out cool twitter related events and findings as well as my thoughts and reflections from FETC 2010 here on this page as well as on my blog Education Tricks 'n Treats
You can find additional information on Masters Level classes, Web 2.0 tools and more at my wiki
Hope you find my comments and learnings helpful!


A little info on Jen...
I enjoy tweeting and meeting fellow tweeters thru Tweet-ups
I love to play with SMART Notebook 10 software
I have fun finding new apps on the iPod Touch
I have two sons (an 11 yr old & 3 yr old)
I have an extremely supportive husband
I have two dogs - Belle (GoldenDoodle) & Rootbeer (Water Spaniel)
I'm a Visiting Professor with Marian University
I enjoy reading, swimming, camping, golfing & watching the Packers and Badger (both football & basketball)
I LOVE to collaborate with other Educational Technology people!

*As a side-note: It is because of Twitter that this wiki page has SOOOOO much information on it. As I attended one session at FETC there were many others on Twitter attending sessions throughout the building. It is through the communication and connections I have made on Twitter that allowed me to "virtually attend" multiple sessions every hour. Thank you to the many people I follow and who follow me for all of the insightful remarks and sharing the resources I have listed below.*

January 14, 2010
Made it through the first (full) day at FETC here in Orlando, FL. What a day!! There are hundreds of sessions to choose from (most lasting 45-50 min). In between sessions we had time to chat, meet new people and take a stroll through the exhibition hall where there are another several hundred vendors.
My morning started out attending "SIMPLE" where the presenter shared many different websites and ideas for use of Web 2.0 Tools. Second, I attended a cool session on how to use a GPS system to teach math, science, social studies / history, mapping skills, and many more concepts. Other sessions I attended included Steve Katz talking about effective video activities with students and Lee Kolbert with Carol Lane sharing more Web 2.o tools during "The Biggest User".

Cool ideas...
  • Have you used your cell phone to: send a text message wake-up call and inspirational quote to your students, take pictures and/or video to then send or post later, use the timer feature to time students in a math fact test or for fluency in reading?
  • What about using a GPS to teach math, reading, research, mapping, social studies, history, teamwork and MORE - like tracking Santa, going on an Easter Egg hunt, finding national monuments, parks, or historical landmarks.
  • Use a digital camera for students to take pictures for a vocabulary scavenger hunt (any subject area)
  • Use the voice memo app on iPhone / iTouch to record a student's reading, have them graph, listen, grade with a rubric and send message to their parents. (NEW App page to be created soon).
  • Showcase students in an iMovie or Movie Maker using a popular or common song to demonstrate an concept or lesson
  • Can't use Skype in your classroom due to IT blocking it? Try tokbox or oovoo instead.
  • Like the idea of a wiki but want to try something else? Try Buzzword and collaborate with others.

I have added a list of all the cool websites that were shared today on my blog page Education Tricks and Treats. Just look under FETC 2010 Links. Some may be duplicates to sites I have listed under other categories, but that just means they really are worth looking at.

My other big accomplishment for the day, besides visiting tons of vendors to see the new tech toys from Mimio, Epson, Promethean, SMART, Scholastic, Microsoft, hp and hundreds more, I was able to meet up with some really awesome educators that I tweet with (some "old" and many "new"). I love the collaboration that occurs on Twitter and the sharing of all the cool tools. In fact, I have more tools BECAUSE I was on Twitter throughout most of the day. Thanks to my special friends @stephenveliz @SteveKatz @TeachaKidd @shoewee and @_happygolucky_ for the great times together!

FETC 2010 Links....

Oswego Oswego games for Elementary school age students, create your own game.
Discovery Education Discovery Educator - requires a subscription - for all grades K-12
SMath SMath - Science and Math in real world applications for Elementary School
Tumble Books Tumblebooks e-books for Elementary students
Math Raps The Rappin' Mathmatician - math songs for Elementary and Middle School students
Ning NING Social Networks
Net Trekker NetTrekker Search Tool for K-12 Educators and Students
Science For Kids Science News for Elementary age Kids
Time For Kids TIME for Kids - Elementary age
Scholastic News for Kids Scholastic News for Kids
CDS News CDS News Podcasts from Steve Katz and students in Puerto Rico
Voice Thread Voice Thread Tool for all Educators
The Biggest User The Biggest User - Links to Web 2.0 Tools from @TeachaKidd and @clane
Buzzword Buzzword with Adobe Acrobat - a lot like a wiki for collaboration on documents
GIMP GIMP Image Manipulation Program for all K-12 Educators
Sqirlz Sqirlz Image Morphing Software for all K-12 Educators
Planet Side Terragen Free Download Software for all K-12 Educators
Wonder Wheel Google Wonder Wheel - Easy Search Engine for students
English Cafe Learn English thru English Cafe
Print Eliminator Printliminator Software Tool to "delete" print in a document
Stick Figure Animator Pivot Stick Figure Animator - Animate Cartoons - all K-12 Educators
Rondee Rondee is a Conference Call tool to use with anyone
Twiddla Twiddla Web-based Whiteboard Playground
Oovoo OOVOO - similar tool to Skype - Video Chat & Messaging
Tok Box TokBox - Video Chat & Messaging
Glogster in Education Glogster Edu - Private Glogging
Glogster Glogster - Poster Yourself
Voki Voki - Create a talking Avatar
Google Earth Google Earth for Maps and GPS lessons
Shiloh Shiloh Community Unified School District in Illinois - with more links
Bubba Brain BubbaBrain K-12 Games for all ages and subject matter
Washington Post Washington Post for Kids - News for Elementary and Middle School
Weekly Reader Weekly Reader News for Elementary age Students
SI Kids Sports Illustrated Magazine for Elementary age Students
Children's Books Children's Books Online
Box of Tricks Educational Technology Box of Tricks for K-12 Educators
Wordle Wordle Vocabulary Bubble Builder for all K-12 Educators and students
Red Headed Teacher Blog Webpage of Florida's 2010 Educator of the Year

Friday, January 15, 2010 at FETC
What an AWESOME day!! Met so many great people and attend some really good sessions today. Here is the information from today...

"Popcasting" Using Podcasts and pop culture to motivate and inspire our learners. By Megan Allen, Florida Teacher of the Year
**Beloit College Mindset List**

Benefits of Podcasting:
-Cheap is Good (Audacity & Garage band are free)
-Creative and Fun
-Higher level thinking skills
-Global Audience
-Motivational - for kids, by kids
-Student Needs
-Student Interest
-Active Learning
-Meets ALL student needs & learning styles
-Learn real world skills
-Builds Background Knowledge
-Can give you real world, right now information that is very valuable

"Kids On-Live"
-An Inquiry based podcast news program for kids, by kids
-Reading and discussion
-Writing the podcast
- Practing word fluency and read-aloud
-Students broadcast (some audio some video podcasts)
-Watch 2x - one to listen, once to grade themselves using a fluency rubric
-Track learning, set goals for class and individuals

Are We There Yet?? - Build Background Knowledge
-Not enough money for fieldtrips? Want to bring an expert into the classroom?
- Go to iTunes U and show a video or audio podcast

Building Literacy
-Increase fluency and comprehension
-Kids can create podcasts to improve reading skills
-Teachers can provide podcasts for students to use at home
-Big Heads Vocabulary in iTunes U

FCIT Lit 2 Go (University of Southern Florida)

Student Created Material
-Rewrite song lyrics
-Explain math concepts
-Advertisements / Commercials
-Virtual Tours, diaries, oral histories
-Imagine the Power of podcasting with ESL students
-Create podcast projects

Engage in Literacy -Book talks
-Book circles / Lit circles
-Read alouds - pass the book, adopt a chapter
-Reader's Theater
-Reading, writing & poetry - venue for publication
Resources - go to for a whole list of podcasting resources:
Red Headed Teacher Blog

iTunes - iPod Touch / iPhone
Entire presentation can be seen on YouTube
Lessons In-Your-Pocket Apps to get: Ewok Grade book app $$ - NEW
(track student behaviors, grades, SPEC students, staff development, staff evaluation & more)
Flashcards Deluxe - create flashcards for students
Notecards Lite - build the cards on the website and then download - allows for collaboration
Multiply Free
Math Free
iGrade for Teachers - can be found on the web, too
Math Formulas - Free
History Maps
Arithmitic - lower grades
Math Tricks Lite
Math Magic
Quick Graph
Kids Math
Simple MInd "Inspiration" type app
Backpack - Student Planner

To have a split screen of your iPod Touch projected through your computer & on a white screen:
Note the Author of this wiki does not promote or endorse Black Rain, jailbreaking or the iPods - this is simply information if you are interested
DemoGod - program on your Mac
**Screen Splitter** (works by wifi)
Cydia - gets you screen splitter - jailbreaking*google jailbreaking - BlackRa1n.com run that and you can get Cydia apps

Convert ppt to video - mp4 – Put YouTube on your iPod when it’s blocked by your district ITWondershare
PPT Movie
Camtasia Studio (Mac version*) Put into YouTube Videos Zamzar.com - download / convert YouTube video to MP4 - put on iPod - FREE


What is a Podcast and how is it used? Check out the Common Craft link... http://www.commoncraft.com/podcasting/

What is Podcasting?
*Digital Audio or Video
*Available for Web Syndication (RSS)
*Made for Podcatchers (iTunes, iGoogle, Winnap)
What is Podcasting for?
*iPods, MP3 players
*Media file ready computers
*Portable Media
Preparing to Create a Podcast
*Find and listen to other Podcasts
*Determine your Audience
*Determine the type of podcast you like to create (audio or video) *start small and Create a plan and select the topic
Benefits of Podcasting
*Increase communication skills
*Gain students attention with engaging technologies
*Increase retention of lessons
*Use mp3 players to play content while mobile
*Increase parent communication
Fitting in the Classroom
*special events
*language development
*professional development
*news and announcements
*audio dramas
*ask an expert
*soundseeing tours / fieldtrips
*school newspapers / newsletters
*assessment / quizzes
*games/ jokes/ riddles
*group discussion
*student created or Teacher created

PIxie2, Frame and WebBlender
- Software for K-8th grade kids to make vodcasting easier for students - for purchase
Web Links from Day 2 of FETC:

John Lien 'PodCASTing' John Lien presented "PodCASTing" here is his link with more information
Orange County Public Schools Orange County Public Schools is very tech savvy and teaching 21st Century skills to 21st Century learners. Follow this link to the school district's home page.
Jing Project Hall Davidson spoke on the value of Jing software
More WEB 2.0 Captures...
Xtra Normal
Go Animate

Additional links / Resources...

Our Courts 21st Century Civics Lessons for Teachers and Students
Web Resources "If It's Not Free, It's Not for Me" Presentation on free web tools to use in your classroom - here is their presentation and links for Middle School Math & Science
Hall Davidson, Discovery Educator Hall Davidson Discovery Educator Presentation materials
Sqool Techs All A Twitter about Twitter presentation materials
Social Networking Podcast Commoncraft Social Networking in Plain English video
Twitter Podcast Commoncraft Twitter in Plain English video
Edu Techer Edu Techer (not misspelled) apps for iPhone / iTouch
Linkedin Ed Tech Start-ups Group in Linkedin
GeoCaching GeoCache for fieldtrips - an awesome learning tool
Storybird Digital Stories with a Cute Twist
My Hero My Hero Digital Stories
Excelets Free Excelets - Interactive Excel Spreadsheets
Toys R Bob Show Educational Technology eXchange - "Toys R Bob Show"
University of Colorado Interactive Math & Science Simulations from U of Colorado
Cedar River Academy Cedar River Academy - Model of 21st Century Learning
Dave Boardman Wikispace Resources on Digital Storytelling
Comments on T.L. w/ T. Teacher Leadership with Technology
Tweetaways Tweetaway contests & giveaways - use as a "quiz" with your students
Scholastic Writing Lessons Scholastic Writing with Writers lessons & ideas for teachers
How To Imbed Twitter (and other web pages) into a PowerPoint
Doink Animated French Lessons
Free Tools Free Tools Out the Wazoo
Twitter Presentation Taking It to the Tweet Presentation
Google Search Let Me Google That For You search engine
iTunes U Florida iTunes U Warning iTunes Link
Aviary Aviary Creation on the Fly Web based Suite of Tools
Steve Katz Steve Katz Teach with Video Presentation
GPS Lessons for Educators Teach Engineering Resources for K-12 Educators - GPS lessons included!!
Steve W. Anderson Tech Support Cheat Sheet
Writing Lessons 6+1 Traits of Writing Web Integration
Teach Techy Better Writing through Technology 6+1 Traits
Steve W. Anderson Favorite Glogster Links Information and Links about Glogster
Steve W. Anderson Favorite Voice Thread Links Voice Thread Bookmarks
Facebook in School 100 ways to use Facebook in your Classroom from Online College
Leslie Fisher Handout Online Applications Support Group for iPhone / iTouch by Leslie Fischer
SMARTboard Notes SMARTboard Resources
PBS Growing Up Online from PBS
Teach Paperless Blog Teach Paperless Blog page - insightful thoughts on Technology in Education
Awesome Library 28 Educational Games & Projects from Awesome Library
Audacity in School 10 Ways to Use Audacity in the Classroom
Bit Rebels Google Wave in Plain English video
Moodle Podcast Moodle Tutorial Podcast
Mguhlin Wikispace Moodle Resources
Web 2.0 Help A Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0
Assessment Tools For Beginning Teachers - Assessment Tips
Tips on Twitter Twitter Tips for Educators
R Pollack Google Doc Self-Grading Assessments with Google Docs
Screencast-O-Matic Video to support Self-Grading Assessments
Emerging Ed Tech Emerging Ed Tech - 6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom
Google Earth Ideas 24 Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom
Classroom 2.0 Blog Classroom 2.0 Blog - Twitter Resources for Teachers
Twitter for Teachers 100 Twitter Feeds to Make You a Better Teacher from OnlineCourses.org
Diigo Diigo Educator Accounts
FCIT @ USF Florida Center for Instructional Technology - features links to a ton of FREE resources

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