Spotlight Session - iPod Touch/iPhone Application Support Group
Leslie Fisher

Super information thick presentation on battery life extenders, cases, quick tricks and all sorts of savy uses of the iPhone/iTouch!

A pile of apps too! - free file sharing and syncing app
i-finder - drops a pin on a map where you are. Good for parking spots and when you get just plain lost!
skip it - allows you to skip to next song just by hitting your screen

Presentation ppt as a pdf with all links.

Spotlight Session - Twitter to the Fifth Power
Leslie Fisher

  • No need to follow everyone, just put an @ in front of the username and it will pop up in their threads.
  • To send direct messages, you must follow
  • - allows you to do an advanced search, super for educational purposes
  • Quality of tweets over quantity is important!
  • TweetDeck - add twitter act., facebook, myspace ect... and follow all in one spot.
  • Use to shorten the URLS for not only twitter but ppt and emails too!
  • Add photos to twitter,

Leslie's ppt slides

Skype and Voice Thread
Lynn Johnson, Linday Burke, and Hillary Fisler

  • The classifieds for skype. Post your needs or look for a classroom to skype with!
  • Use voice thread as a way to collaborate on a picture by type, phone, or recorded with microphones.
  • Uses images from the NY public library by searching with voice thread!

Skype and Voice Thread Info site

Smart Boards, TI-Nspire and Navigator
Tom Reardon

Link to tools

Post lessons and class made had written notes on your website. It is easy with the Notebook software!

Cool Tools for Teaching and Learning
Dr. Marie Coleman

Presentaionl website

Several web 2.0 resources! Her website is broken down quaintly into popular topics for research, maps, words, etc... - shortens several URL into one! URL is good for several months. - pulls up to date info from the net, like RSS feeds onto your online project - allows you to post sticky notes on one wall. Great for brainstorms, KWLs, or a party list!


Digital Content
Florida on iTunes U
Jenny Black and James Welsh

Link to sources
  • Virtual field trips
  • Many posted pod/vidcasts
  • Listen to lectures
  • Watch videos of teachers' lessons

Lessons-in-your-Pocket:Teaching with iPone or iPod Touch
Paul Shuster

  • eWalk - data collection app that can keep track of homework, field trip info, attendance, etc...
  • Notecard Lite - allows you to create flash cards with picts
  • iGrade - for purchase gradebook
  • - allows you to download youtube video etc for your iPod
  • backpack app - a student planner
  • DemoGod and screen splitter apps - allows you to project your iPod and what you are doing on it on you mac and projector. It only works on Macs. You need to "jailbreak" your iPod and then go to cydya from your device in order for it to work.

Video of presenation

Enhance the Quality of Your Photographs
Janet Caughlin

She gives many tips and tricks on how to take better pictures. Here is her personal website

  • Avoid "bulls-eye" syndrome
  • Use 2/3s of the frame
  • Subject should standout
  • Horizon not in the middle
  • Include a frame
  • Experiment with lighting
  • Action Shots
  • Use unique lines
  • Pay attention to where your eyes go
  • Repetition
  • Close ups
  • Different angles
  • Funny picts

Google Earth Goes to the Movies
Sarah Rolle

Her wikispace should be loaded next week.

SMS: Cell Phones and VoIP in the Classroom Curriculum
Chris Ward, Rita Ward, and Nick Ward

Broad texter as a texting resource.

Mr. Ward's wiki on other presentations.

Featured Session
Faster, Better, Shorter, Deeper: Editing and Capturing Video
Hall Davidson

Link to handouts

Ways of finding media:
  1. web
  2. cameras
  3. cell phones
  4. curriculum
Discovery Education library allows you to edit videos now, grab clips and put them into presenations. - free educational library of multimedia videos - deals with copyright

Web 2.0 tools to create videos

Use to do video capture of your computer. It is free and works on both platforms.